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1 force to leave or move out; "He was expelled from his native country" [syn: throw out, kick out]
2 put out or expel from a place; "The child was expelled from the classroom" [syn: eject, chuck out, exclude, throw out, kick out, turf out, boot out, turn out]
3 remove from a position or office; "The chairman was ousted after he misappropriated funds" [syn: oust, throw out, drum out, boot out, kick out]
4 cause to flee; "rout out the fighters from their caves" [syn: rout, rout out]
5 eliminate (substances) from the body [syn: discharge, eject, release] [also: expelling, expelled]

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  1. To eject or erupt
  2. To remove from membership


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to eject
to remove from membership
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Expulsion may refer to:
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abrupt, abstract, alienate, assign, ban, banish, bar, belch, blackball, blow, blow off, blow out, boot, boot out, bounce, break, breathe, breathe hard, breathe in, breathe out, bump, bust, can, carry over, cashier, cast, cast forth, cast off, cast out, chuck, chuck out, clear, clear away, clear out, clear the decks, communicate, consign, cough, cut, cut adrift, cut off, cut out, debar, debouch, decant, deconsecrate, defenestrate, defrock, degrade, delete, deliver, demote, depart, deplume, deport, depose, deprive, dethrone, detrude, diffuse, disarticulate, disbar, discard, discharge, disconnect, discrown, disembogue, disemploy, disengage, disenthrone, disfellowship, disgorge, disjoin, disjoint, dislodge, dismiss, displace, displume, dispose of, dispossess, disseminate, dissociate, disunite, divide, divorce, drive out, drum out, ejaculate, eject, elide, eliminate, eradicate, eruct, erupt, estrange, evict, exclude, excommunicate, exhale, exhaust, exile, expatriate, expire, export, extradite, extravasate, extrude, fire, force out, fugitate, furlough, gasp, get quit of, get rid of, get shut of, give, give the ax, give the gate, give the hook, gulp, hack, hand forward, hand on, hand over, heave out, hiccup, huff, impart, import, inhale, inspire, irrupt, isolate, jet, jettison, junk, kick, kick downstairs, kick out, kick upstairs, lag, lay off, leave, let go, let out, liquidate, make over, make redundant, maroon, metastasize, metathesize, obtrude, ostracize, oust, outlaw, outpour, overthrow, pant, part, pass, pass on, pass over, pass the buck, pension, pension off, perfuse, pick out, pour, pour forth, pour out, proscribe, puff, pull away, pull back, pull out, purge, push out, put out, read out of, reject, relay, release, relegate, remove, remove from office, replace, respire, retire, root out, root up, rusticate, sack, segregate, send away, send down, send forth, send out, send to Coventry, separate, separate forcibly, sequester, set apart, set aside, show the door, shut off, sigh, sneeze, sniff, sniffle, snore, snort, snub, snuff, snuffle, spew, split, spout, spread, spurn, spurt, squirt, stand aloof, stand apart, stand aside, step aside, strike off, strike out, strip, strip of office, strip of rank, subtract, superannuate, surplus, suspend, switch, throw away, throw off, throw out, throw over, throw overboard, thrust out, toss out, transfer, transfer property, transfuse, translate, translocate, transmit, transplace, transplant, transport, transpose, turn off, turn out, turn over, unchurch, uncouple, unfrock, unsaddle, unseat, unthrone, unyoke, weed out, wheeze, withdraw
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